Three years into the Biden presidency and a year out from the general election, journalists are diving into why the president’s approval ratings remain low and why he’s not getting more credit for his accomplishments. As the 2024 cycle progresses, Blueprint’s polling and research will serve as a vital tool for answering these and other questions.

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New York Mag: Do Liberals Have It All Wrong About How to Beat Trump?

“There is a lot of polling out there, but what we felt was missing from all of it was polling that is just victory-minded,” says Evan Roth Smith, Blueprint’s lead pollster, and the founding partner of the political-consulting firm Slingshot Strategies. “The Democratic Party needs polling that just says, ‘We have to win this election, and so here is where the electorate is, here is what the Democratic Party has done and can credibly run on.’ Let’s see what works and just tell everybody what we find.”

TIME: The Surprising Issue That Could Help Biden With Young Voters

“The Democratic-aligned polling firm Blueprint found that many young voters are unfamiliar with Trump’s inflammatory statements about immigrants, but when presented with them, most found them offensive. Only 37% of young voters said they were aware that Trump had said Haitian immigrants to the U.S. “all have AIDS,” or that Nigerian immigrants should “go back to their huts,” but 59% report they were bothered by these comments. Some of Trump’s most intemperate rhetoric has been on the issue of immigration. Highlighting Trump’s divisive and racist rhetoric, like his claim that immigrants are “poisoning the blood of our country,” might convince young voters to step off the sidelines.”

Puck: The Left’s Trumpnesia Problem

“The whole Trumpnesia lesson, to me, isn’t to go out and remind everyone of this stuff,” said Evan Ross Smith, the lead pollster for Blueprint. “The lesson is that you can’t rely on these voters having this bedrock understanding of Trump as a chaos agent, as a dysfunctional president, as someone who made bad decisions that weren’t aligned with their values. We can’t assume all that. We can’t rely on all that.”