Blueprint & The Liberal Patriot: The 40 Policy Ideas That Will Define the 2024 Race

“This knife’s-edge election is currently about two things: inflation and immigration,” said Blueprint lead pollster Evan Roth Smith.

Blueprint and The Liberal Patriot today released a poll that explores the major issues shaping the 2024 presidential election and where voters stand on 40 different policy ideas either proposed or implemented by President Biden or Donald Trump. The survey—which was based on an online sample of 4,038 voters from March 29 to April 5, 2024—was conducted by YouGov and commissioned by Blueprint and The Liberal Patriot.

“This knife’s-edge election is currently about two things: inflation and immigration,” said Blueprint lead pollster Evan Roth Smith. “Supermajorities of voters support just about any policy that puts money in their pocket, from junk fee bans to drug price cuts to Social Security preservation, and are keen to see action that addresses immigration and the border.”

“Political elites keep focusing on culture war issues that divide people rather than on core economic security measures that voters across party lines support,” said Liberal Patriot executive editor John Halpin. “Whichever candidate figures out first how to deliver common-sense policies that help American families will win in 2024. Voters want a policy agenda that is pro-worker, pro-family, and pro-America.”


In a Head-to-Head Matchup, Biden and Trump Are Tied, but Trump Has Higher Approval

  • When asked who they would vote for if the presidential election was held now, with Biden and Trump as the only candidates, 44% of voters say Biden and 44% say Trump—a tie. 3% say they would vote for another candidate, 6% say they were undecided, and 2% say they wouldn’t vote.
  • When asked the same question with the additional option of Robert Kennedy Jr., 43% of voters say Biden, 42% say Trump, and 6% say Kennedy. 2% say they would vote for another candidate, 6% say they were undecided, and 1% say they wouldn’t vote.
  • 45% of voters say they approve of Biden’s handling of the presidency, while 54% said they disapprove. Meanwhile, 51% say they approve of how Trump handled the job when he was president, while 47% say they disapprove.

Voters See Immigration, Inflation, and Jobs and the Economy as the Most Important Issues

  • When asked to identify the most important issues facing the country today (with the option to select up to three), the most commonly selected by voters are “immigration and border security” (38%), “inflation” (37%), and “jobs and the economy” (25%). These are followed by “crime and public safety” and “the budget, taxes, and the federal deficit” (18% each) and “reproductive rights and abortion” and “climate change and the environment” (16% each).

Voters Are Worried About the Economy and Inflation, Though More Than Half Say Their Personal Financial Situation Is Good

  • While just 41% of voters believe that the American economy is doing well these days, 52% say that their own personal finances are doing well. 
  • When asked to what extent they believe inflation is a problem, 60% of voters say that “inflation is still a very serious problem that is not improving,” while just 31% say that “inflation is a serious problem, but it is starting to get better.” Only 8% believe inflation is not a serious problem. 
  • When asked whether they are spending more or less on household expenses compared to a year ago, 42% of voters say they are spending “much more” on milk, eggs, and dairy products and 41% say the same of gasoline. Roughly a third of voters say they are spending “much more” on meat or fish, heating and cooling for their home, water and electricity, and going out to eat.  

Voters Are Most Supportive of Policies That Rein In Corporations, Bring Down Healthcare Costs and Other Prices, and Protect Medicare and Social Security

  • We presented voters with a list of 40 policy ideas that have been proposed or implemented by Biden or Trump. The five policies that receive the most support from voters are “Ban businesses from charging consumers hidden or misleading fees for live event tickets, hotels, apartment rentals, and other services” (76-point net support), “Increase the number of prescription drugs that Medicare can negotiate the price of for seniors” (75-point net support), “Require pharmaceutical companies to charge American consumers the lowest price they charge consumers in foreign countries” (75-point net support), “Cap the cost of insulin at $35 a month for every American who needs it” (74-point net support), “Protect Medicare and Social Security from funding cuts or increases in the age of eligibility” (72-point net support). 
  • Consistent with the high salience of immigration relative to other issues, there is support for policies aimed at addressing the border crisis, including Biden’s proposed use of executive action (53-point net support) and, to a lesser extent, Trump’s more extreme proposal to deputize the National Guard and local law enforcement assist with deportations (45-point net support).
  • The five least popular policy ideas (all of which receive more opposition than support) are “Ban immigration to the U.S. from Muslim-majority countries” (negative 2-point net support), “Cut off aid to Ukraine” (negative 7-point net support), “Require auto companies to sell more electric vehicles after 2030” (negative 9-point net support), “Break up the Department of Education” (negative 9-point net support), and “Fire tens of thousands of FBI agents, national security and intelligence personnel, and other civil service employees” (negative 23-point net support).

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Blueprint and The Liberal Patriot commissioned a survey by YouGov using an online sample of 4,038 voters from March 29 to April 5, 2024. The survey was conducted in English, and its margin of error is ±1.8 percentage points.

Full toplines and crosstabs are available here.