The Atlantic: The Good News for Biden About Young Voters

Young voters just think that Biden doesn’t have his eye on the ball economically when it comes to inflation,” Evan Roth Smith, Blueprint’s lead pollster, told me. “It is surprising but not inexplicable that voters under 30 associate lower price points with Donald Trump. But they do, because it’s just a hard fact that prices were lower and the rate of inflation was lower when Donald Trump was president.”

Vox: What young voters actually care about

“People tend to have a skewed perception of what young voters prioritize,” Evan Roth Smith, the lead pollster for the Democratic-aligned public opinion research group Blueprint, which conducted this polling, told me. “A large part of that is because there are ways politically that young voters are very different and very distinct in what they care about. But the places that they’re different shouldn’t be confused with the places that they care the most about.”

New York Magazine: Biden Is Losing the Election in the Center, Not the Left

That hypothesis is consistent with findings by Blueprint (a moderate but partisan Democratic Party outfit). Analyzing polls of voters who switched from Biden in 2020 to Trump now, it finds more than half identify as ‘moderate,’ one-third as ‘conservative,’ and only 14 percent as liberal. The phenomenon of far-left voters looking to punish Biden certainly exists, but its numerical scale is tiny.