Memo: Flash poll on circus Mayorkas

If you only read one thing…

When voters are presented with a generic ballot, Democrats lead by 3 points. But when presented with a Democrat who supports the bipartisan border security bill versus a Republican who supports impeaching Mayorkas, the Democrat leads by 13 points.

The war on prices: Biden’s untapped triumphs

Our message is simple: Biden needs to embrace and loudly champion his anti-inflation agenda. Right now, his victories are not breaking through to voters, a key drag on his 2024 chances.

Why not both? How Biden can win base and swing voters at the same time.

✓ Black and swing voters share similar economic priorities: prices over jobs—common sense at a moment when having a job doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be able to afford the things you need.

✓ Black and swing voters share similar policy goals: Biden’s accomplishments on healthcare, junk fees, CHIPS, and the deficit are dual-use wins for both base mobilization and voter persuasion, but key voters haven’t heard much about these accomplishments.

✓ Black and swing voters share similar views about Biden’s ideology: 27% of Black voters and 51% of swing voters think Biden is “too liberal,” and less than a fifth of both think he’s too conservative.

✓ Notably, three of the five policies that are most popular with both Black and swing voters are about reducing costs for everyday people. Black and swing voters have not heard about these accomplishments, contributing to the perceptions around Biden’s ideological stance we previously identified.